Tuesday, October 8, 2013

September 30, 2013

I am doing great. Did I tell you that I got to interview someone for baptism already? It was pretty awesome.
Yeah, so another shirt would be nice. I promise not to burn this one too...
Catherine is done with girl scouts? That is crazy! How will I get cookies?! I am sooo proud of her, waiting till the last minute! That's my girl.(wiping away tears)
Our investigator came to church on Sunday. She stayed all three hours and basically she is just awesome. We kind of forgot that she has never been to church growing up so EVERYTHING was foreign to her. Prayer was only normal because we had taught her about it.
So one of the sisters in my district is an opera singer. Pretty crazy, right. The sad thing is that she lost her voice right when she came out and she still can't sing. She has had blessings saying that she will get it back but I'm sure that is pretty depressing. I can't imagine what I would do if I couldn't sing. Another sister in my district(also serving in my ward) has celiacs disease. So she can't eat gluten. A few weeks ago(I know, I should have told you this a while ago) she was poisoned at a members house on monday night. The members thought everything was gluten free but it turns out it wasn't. So the sister missionary was pretty sick Tuesday night at our ward missionary coordination meeting. She asked us to give her a blessing. Usually she is sick for about two weeks and she can't think very well and she feels terrible. In the blessings the Lord healed her. It was pretty cool because that next day she was way better and she told us that usually the 2nd day is worse. The priesthood is real and it works!
Love you,
Elder Engelman

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