Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 16, 2013

This last week was pretty fun. We had P-Day today because of Columbus Day. On Saturday, as well as yesterday, we did a bunch of service for a member of our ward. We first went to rake her leaves because there were a ton of them and then we ended up going back to do the rest of her backyard. She can't do much so her yard has gone shambles and so we hacked through the bushes. We are pretty sure there was some poison oak in there so I used the special soap stuff I bought when I got home. I would really love it if I never had to deal with poison ivy ever again. We actually needed a machete but we forgot to ask one of our members for one. 
We had another lesson with Angela and we taught her the 10 Commandments. We showed her hand signals to remember them and it was awesome because it turns out that she knows sign language! The lesson went pretty well and she actually had some concerns with evolution(mentioned in Exodus 20 in commandment #4) and the members resolved it perfectly. It was pretty amazing.
Sorry, we are running out of time. Love you, Got to go.
Elder Engelman

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