Tuesday, October 8, 2013

September 16, 2013

Yeah I don't think the whole broadcasting thing is going to work perfectly for awhile. I am glad it was uplifting! 

So we have had a few cool things happen recently. This last Friday, we had Elder Bowen come and talk to us. He spoke for General Conference a few years ago. A talk he gave has been turned into a Mormon Message. It is called Reclaimed.http://www.mormonchannel.org/come-follow-me-the-atonement-of-jesus-christ?v=1795507066001
He is pretty awesome and he taught us about who we are. We talked about the covenant we make at baptism, the Abrahamic covenant, the gathering of Israel, and the oath and covenant of the priesthood. It taught me a lot about those that have gone before me and how that relates to me. He was pretty cool.
The most recent things is something that happened today! This morning, when Elder Meline and I left to buy groceries, we were stopped by the property manager at our apartment. She is new there and she is only 22. We had invited her to an "Ice Cream Social" activity our ward was having on Friday. We gave her the address on a pass-along card and she said she would love to come. It turned out that she didn't but she has been really curious about religion recently so she has been thinking about the card all weekend. When she stopped us this morning we got to talk to her a little about what we believe and how she can know if Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are real and love her. It was pretty awesome because we could truly tell that she wanted to learn more.
Oh, and I have a little bit of a funny story. So I ripped one of my shirts the other day on a barbed wire fence. You know, running from a pitbull. Okay, not really but I did rip my shirt on a fence I was walking past. I bought some interfacing, ironed it on, and sewed up the rip perfectly. However, I noticed that the glue on the interfacing hadn't melted to the shirt so I started ironing it some more. Well, long story short, I put the heat on the iron up too high and I burnt the sleeve of my shirt. My companion was laughing at me because he said it was funny to watch me get angry because I don't actually do anything and it didn't even seem like I was mad except the fact that I kept saying, "I'm so mad that I burnt my shirt!" Soooo, I will forever remember to check what material the shirts I iron are made of.
Elder Engelman

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