Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

I didn't get your ghost email. It's funny how fickle the internet is sometimes.
I have been thinking of the song Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran. It's just really pretty and,obviously, he sings about autumn leaves. The colors are beautiful. I expected it to all change at once but it is a slow process. Different trees shed their leaves at different rates.
Our primary program is next Sunday and I am so excited. The children are so adorable and I can't wait to see them just do silly stuff while they are singing. I love the song "A Child's Prayer"! I actually sang it at a zone conference last transfer with a sister missionary. It was a little weird because I did the first part(usually sung by a child). It was pretty awesome though. The sister missionary is a super good singer so it sounded good.

So far I don't really have signs of poison oak. Let's hope that will hold true.
Go ahead and wait on buying another shirt. I'm not in a rush.

Angela is not doing awesome. I'm getting a little stressed out because she seems to regress every weekend. I think living some of the commandments is going to be really hard for her at first. I'm sure you can guess which ones are usually hard for people. She is awesome and she definitely keeps feeling the spirit but once she goes home and encounters stress she kind of forgets about everything. It is really frustrating, especially when she sends us semi angry texts. Sorry, I guess I'm just venting because I see so much potential but she doesn't see it. She is afraid that it isn't going to be worth it and that she will lose her boyfriend(which she doesn't seem to really love) and that she won't be as happy. She did go to a members house for dinner last night. I am pretty happy about that and the member told us it went really well.
I love you! Have a great day.
Elder Joseph Engelman

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