Tuesday, October 8, 2013

August 19, 2013

This week has been pretty fun. I did get a new companion and I think I told you about him already. He is still learning but aren't we all? I am having so much fun! My Zone leaders are both from other countries. One, Elder Taylor, is from Canada and is almost done with his mission. The other one, Elder Tahn, is from Malaysia. Elder Tahn just became my Zone leader and before him both of the Zone leaders were Elder Taylor. Pretty crazy, huh?
My health is doing pretty good. Don't worry, I am doing great. Did I tell you that I have totally gained weight? 20 pounds and I have realized that I have a bit of a gut now so I am going to start working out harder. My companion is a work out freak. Not in a bad way, he just loves working out. He is pretty ripped and he always talks about how he wants to be bigger.
I am glad to hear to got to drive down memory lane. Hey, you went to Mesa High, right? I thought you did but I'm not sure. Anyway, a missionary from here is from Mesa. He was actually my first Zone Leader and we figured out you would have been there at the same time as his parents. There last name is Dana. Just curious is you knew them.
I am pretty surprised you didn't stop to take pictures. speaking of pictures, did you get the ones I sent last week?
So we have been visiting a member that is in a behavioral Health Facility and it is on the third floor of a hospital. When we went to visit him it was lunch time so we couldn't. We had to go in the back entrance and we realized it was because everyone was gone for lunch. Well, when we tried to go back the way we came in the door was locked. So we got trapped in a seemingly abandoned hospital. We went all the way up the the top floor looking for someone because there wasn't anyone on any other floor. It was quite eerie. When we finally found someone she was just sitting alone on her phone. It was pretty embarrassing when we had to ask for help to get out of the abandoned hospital.
We don't have any investigators that are progressing right now but that is okay. We just need to learn to rely on the Lord.
Yesterday was a cool at church because there were three youth speakers and they talked for the majority of the time. They all spoke on different things that related a lot. My favorite point one of them made is that we can't always alter our situation but we can always alter ourselves. This is definitely something I have realized myself.
Well, I love you, I'll talk to you later.
Yours Truly,
Elder Engelman

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