Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

My week has been super duper awesome. On Saturday we had interviews with our new mission president. He is so nice. He wanted to know all about me and my life so I started with my family and that is pretty much all I talked about. What really surprised me is how much love I felt from him. I don't hardly know him and I felt just about the closest thing to pure love coming from him. He doesn't even know me but what I told him and he just showed genuine care. It is really amazing how God puts the right people in the right place to teach us things. I know I have a lot to learn from him.
We haven't had a lot of success in teaching a lot of lessons recently but I know we are going to have more opportunities soon. Tonight, we are teaching a cool lesson to an active family in our ward. It involves fire so you know I am going to love it. 
Did I tell you that we got sister missionaries in our ward? Right when I got here we split the area with sister missionaries. They are both super cool. One of them is brand new and the first day they got here they didn't have any furniture or utensils whatsoever. They got beds that night but the ward is supposed to provide them with furniture and cooking stuff and basically everything. It is crazy because in about two weeks they now have a fully furnished apartment and all the furniture somehow matches. It is crazy how that happened. It really makes me think of how the scriptures talk about going out to preach the gospel without purse or script just as the apostles did in the New Testament. They came here with nothing and the members provided.
Okay, so there was a cool announcement a few weeks ago about the church going more towards the internet and elctronics. Our mission was ahead of the game because they were testing its effectiveness here.
Well Mom, I love you.

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

 I am now in the Reading area. We are serving in the Reading 2nd ward. It is a really cool place with nice people. I am slowly learning spanish because of all the Puerto Rican, and Dominican people living here. There are actually two sets of Spanish elders that live right next to/above us. They are also really cool. My new companion is Elder Smith. He is from Farmington Utah and we get along super well. We have a car in this area but we don't have a ton of miles so we walk a fair amount. I am now in an apartment complex thing so you can send me packages. 
We get to play soccer every week so I am going to be slowly improving my soccer skills. The Spanish elders organize a weekly soccer game to fellowship investigators. I have been to one so far but it was really fun. I must have somehow absorbed some of David's soccer skills because, much to my surprise, I was tearing it up on the field.
We got a new mission president on Saturday. His name is President Anderson. He Is from Utah and is really cool. He used to be a business guy and his wife is super nice. She cries a lot.
That is my address. You can send packages there and they won't be stolen.
One of the cool things about this part of Pennsylvania is fireflies. I never knew they really existed. Fireflies light up as they fly upwards. It is really cool because you can look over a field and watch them drift up. It almost looks like tiny stars. Super sweet!
I can't see the picture :( 
Elder Engelman