Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

I don't think any amount of time on Christmas would have felt like
enough time. The family who's house we were at also made monkey bread!
So far I haven't done a Christmas without it(I think). They were
trying to make us feel as "at home" as they could but that was an
unexpected treat.
I love the messenger bag! I am going to keep the smaller one. I wore
them around the house and tried to pack them with my stuff a little
and the smaller one seemed more practical right now. I have actually
been using it since Thursday or Friday and it is awesome. I took a
picture...after I washed it... only a few of the letters came off so
it looks fine in the picture. I think I might also have one from when
I opened it.
So funny story about Christmas. I opened the package from you guys and
saw a Toms box. I got kind of excited because, despite the fact that I
wouldn't ever wear them, I kind of wanted to just hold a pair of my
Toms. I quickly found out that you just used the box :) So, side note,
don't send me Toms even though I love them because I would either
never use them or I would somehow ruin them.

 Yesterday was incredible. We had a lesson with one of our
investigators that has been progressing but decided to argue with us
about the Bible again. I wish he would just listen. It's okay, we are
going to be praying and preparing a lot before his next appointment so
we can help him.
We had church earlier in the day and one of the talks given really
stuck out to me. It was given by a 25 year old man with 2 kids. He,
and his wife, moved into the ward about six months ago because, after
much prayer, they were told to come here. They have been struggling
but have stayed upbeat and happy the whole time. He talked about our
personal agency and obedience. One of the things that really stuck
with me as being true was,"The most important decision we can make is
to repent." I thought about how true that is! If we don't repent we
will never be happier or be able to be baptized or be able to change.
We will be stagnant if we don't ever repent(and let's be honest,
stagnant things start to smell bad!) He also touched on how important
the commandments are for us. It was overall, a good day.
Toward the end of the day, I called a member of the bishopric so I
could volunteer to speak in church. He was a little surprised. I have
yet to speak in church and I have been a missionary for almost a year
so I figured it was about time. He obliged because he didn't have
anyone lined up to speak on the 12th. I am excited but since I
volunteered I have to make sure it is put together well.
Much love,
Elder Engelman

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