Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014

So Let me tell you about the weather. It seems to be controlled by a toddler. I am imagining a little kid from a Pampers commercial sitting at a desk with about 1000 buttons and he is hitting all of the wrong ones. One day it will be in the 40s(comparatively warm). The next day it is snowing and we get about 6 inches, at which point everything shuts down. Apparently peopole don't know how to drive or operate when there is snow on the ground. The best part is that yesterday we had a thing called freezing rain. It is a phenomena that occurs when a rain storm comes down on top of a cold area. By the time the rain comes in contact with anything it freezes immediately. It ended up coating the sidewalk outside of our house in about 2 inches if ice. They cancelled the last two hours of church because there weren't that many people in attendance. In truth, there were a lot more people than I expected to come. So yeah, just pray that the little toddler will start to hit buttons that make sense. I would appreciate a little predictability.
This last week was a good one. We have had some good lessons despite the setback with the weather. Did I mention that we were actually told to go in on Thursday because of the weather? That is when it started snowing and it was coming down pretty good. Ask Dad about the lesson we had with Skip(the guy that wanted to argue).

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