Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

These last two weeks have definitely been cold. I don't mind it that much. Because we are usually moving when we are outside it has little effect on us. It is, however, colder during the day than it has EVER been at home during the night. I had a mini snow fight on Saturday. We were driving on a random small road when we ran into a pack of snow. We didn't literally run into know what I mean. We hopped out and I made a puny snowball to throw at Elder Farrer. It was fairly life-changing. 
On Thanksgiving we played football in the morning. When we started it was probably 27 degrees out so I was freezing but as we played for a bit I took my jacket off and was playing in a t-shirt. Oh, and yes there was some snow falling. It is so strange!
We went to three families' homes for Thanksgiving. It was pretty great. The weird thing is you start judging everyone's food a lot more. Nothing compares to Aunt Rita's turkey. I think I miss your food more than anything. I heard about deep frying a turkey. You should test it sometime! just don't burn the house down.
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I have been doing pretty great.
I'm out of time! :(
I love you. Here are a few pictures.
-Elder Engelman

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 LOOK !!  Joseph Finally got his Way.    LoL

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