Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18, 2013

My new companion is awesome. We get along super duper well. It is kind of strange how much we get along. We have a similar sense of humor which means we are laughing the majority of the day. When all the goldens introduced themselves and he said his name was Farr, I asked him asap if he was related to Kelliann. Unfortunately, he has no idea. It is spelled with an extra few letters so probably not very closely.
 I actually forgot Alex was in the Philippines until you mentioned that... I am very glad to hear that he is okay! We keep hearing all the stories of missionaries over there. Apparently, the Assistants to the President one of the missions did a rescue operation. They had to seek out all of the missionaries and get them to the airport.I feel like Alex will be doing cleanup for quite some time.
Angela is doing a lot better. We met with another member family and she really liked it. We reviewed the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She really gets it. We helped her understand that baptism isn't just about joining the church, it's about receiving a remission of sin. We gave her a few dates to pray about and she was glad we gave her a few.
We are also have an investigator named George. He is a relative of a less active family here and he just gets the gospel. He is in the process of quitting smoking and drinking coffee. The family is awesome. They feed us all the time and we are probably going to give service at a soup kitchen with them on Thanksgiving. I am so excited. I've always wanted to give service at a soup kitchen and now I am in a place that actually has some.
Love you!
Elder Engelman

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