Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 8, 2013

We have barely been able to meet with Carlos and Samantha and we haven't been able to meet with Wanda again. It is a little disheartening but we always get to teach a few lessons to people on the street so we are slways smiling. Carlos and Samantha are moving soon and we haven't been able to teach them enough to baptize them. Hopefully the missionaries wherever they are moving to are as good as Elder Olaveson. It's going to be really cool when their daughter grows up with a foundation in Christ.
Conference was off the chain! During the first session on Saturday we had a lesson so we didn't get to see very much of it. We were teaching a family and we ended up watching the first 30 minutes of conference with them. They seemed to enjoy it. I'm sure it was a bit harder to focus with Phoebe.
The really tall missionary is Elder Olaveson. And yes, that is him on the toilet. Just ignore that one. I'm glad you finally got all of those. I did get the chance to make the birthday dinner and it was pretty dang good. Elder O was pretty much flabbergasted.
Oh yeah, he messed up his ankle really badly! Luckily, I had an ankle wrap, ice, and Aleve(all thanks to you, Mother).
Unless Dad wrote me about Tanner, nobody did. I am sooo excited for him. You need to get me his address too!
Elder Joseph Engelman

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