Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 15, 2013

A lot of members here are from Congo. Kind of unexpected right? The branch president is from Congo and when we shake hands we always do this cool snap thing. It's pretty much impossible to explain.
Proselyting is going well. We talk to a lot of people on the street because unlike at home, there are a TON of people walking around. The main mode of transportation is SEPTA(buses and trains) and walking. We have been having poor numbers lately(i.e. lessons, member present lessons, recent convert/less active lesssons) so yesterday we set a goal to have 10 lessons. What was cool is that we ended up having way less time than usual and we met our goal. In a few hours we managed to have 10 lessons with people on the street. It is just awesome to see that when we set righteous goals the Lord will help us attain them.
Sorry, this is going to be a REALLY short email today :(
Just remember that the best way to be a missionary is to be a good example. Preach My Gospel tells us that it doesn't matter as much what you say but who you are. That is why there is a section teaching us how to have more Christlike attributes.
Much Love,
Elder Joseph RIchard Engelman

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