Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

 I am now in the Reading area. We are serving in the Reading 2nd ward. It is a really cool place with nice people. I am slowly learning spanish because of all the Puerto Rican, and Dominican people living here. There are actually two sets of Spanish elders that live right next to/above us. They are also really cool. My new companion is Elder Smith. He is from Farmington Utah and we get along super well. We have a car in this area but we don't have a ton of miles so we walk a fair amount. I am now in an apartment complex thing so you can send me packages. 
We get to play soccer every week so I am going to be slowly improving my soccer skills. The Spanish elders organize a weekly soccer game to fellowship investigators. I have been to one so far but it was really fun. I must have somehow absorbed some of David's soccer skills because, much to my surprise, I was tearing it up on the field.
We got a new mission president on Saturday. His name is President Anderson. He Is from Utah and is really cool. He used to be a business guy and his wife is super nice. She cries a lot.
That is my address. You can send packages there and they won't be stolen.
One of the cool things about this part of Pennsylvania is fireflies. I never knew they really existed. Fireflies light up as they fly upwards. It is really cool because you can look over a field and watch them drift up. It almost looks like tiny stars. Super sweet!
I can't see the picture :( 
Elder Engelman

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