Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April 29, 203

So the coolest thing about this last week was Mormon Helping Hands. It was pretty spectacular. Not only did we get to put on regular clothes, but we also got to do manual labor. It was so much fun. I ended up working on clearing off a sidewalk. It sounds lame but it was definitely really tough. we were working for about 3 hours and there were probably 50 people working where I was. This stretch of sidewalk was approximately a yard and a half wide and probably 200 yards long. There was trees that had grown over it and nobody had touched it for, it seemed like, years. The dirt and roots were about 6 inches deep over the entire thing so we had to cut the roots and basically roll it off the sidewalk. The hard part was that a lot of the roots had grown into the crack of the sidewalk of were just so thick that they were almost impervious to any cutting tool we had. The only chainsaw there died after about an hour. It was tough work because there was about a foot of leaves on top that wwe had to clear off first. It was incredibly fun. We got to get dirty and get all cut up. I was sooooo sore the next day! My back and legs hurt but it is a good hurt. One of our investigator came and she had a good time. It was pretty much just awesome. I forgot to mention that I was standing in a lot of poison ivy. Pretty cool, huh?
We had to rush to an appointment afterward so we got to take three minute showers and the shower was just covered in dirt. It turned out the person wasn't home so we ate because we were both dying. We didn't end up having any lessons that night but it was still a great day.
Yesterday ws fast Sunday and I was dying. It felt like my stomach was eating itself but we had a super cool experience, Elder O and I were fasting to be able to find some less active members to teach and then one came to church today. He is 19 and he decided top come today. The best part is that he went up and bore his testimoony. Miracles happen all the time and God truly answers our prayers.
We-we-we-we-well Th-That's All Folks.
Elder Engelman

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