Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

This is crazy that Easter is already here! I am going to miss dying eggs but I think I can handle not having to clean up the spilled dye. Easter is so awesome! We get to watch General Conference with the branch and I am so excited. Although I won't have monkey bread or be able to wear sweats and a t-shirt, I know that I am going to love this General Conference. This branch is pretty close knit and although there are loud personalities, everyone gets along. I love that I already know most of the branch pretty personally.
 Yesterday we got to teach a lady named Wanda. She had both of her parents die by the time she was 26 and she was diagnosed HIV positive by the time she was 40 and she is in her 50s. She told us that right now she is starting to relate to the story of Job because of all the things going on in her life. As a result of all the tragedies, Wanda is really humble. We went over there with a member and started teaching her a little bit. We had brought a member that ended up helping a lot. He had similar experiences to what she was going through right now and she was very thankful for us coming over. We asked her to come to church and she was excited and immediately asked where it was and what time. She wants to come closer to Jesus Christ so we talked about the Book of Mormon and asked her to read the 31st chapter of 2nd Nephi. It talks about the way to come closer to our Savior and she seemed very excited. When we contacted her on the street I didn't think anything would come of it but it turns out I was wrong.
 We got to meet with Carlos and Samantha again!!! Carlos came to the scripture study class we held on Wednesday night. He was trying to remember everything for Samantha so we just wrote down all the scriptures for him. We got to meet with them on Friday and they aren't moving till the end of April. I am so glad because that means we can continue to teach them. Their little girl is adorable!
Well, toodle ooo. I love you! This time is just flying by!
Elder Joseph Richard Engelman

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